Monday, May 3, 2010

Westminster Books Blog Partners - Reminder Post

Considering our church just hopped on The City, I am doing a little advertising here. Rehashed advertising actually. Like any egocentric person I want people to read my blog, but even more than that, I want free stuff. That's right, I am greedy for your attention and free books. On that note...

I love Westminster Bookstore.

Not only are they one of the only bookstores that sells books by old dead people, but now they are rewarding bloggers for linking to their site!

Here is some info about the program:

Got a blog? Like books and like to write about them? WTSBOOKS Blog Partners Rewards offers you the chance to earn books or other merchandise from our store while introducing your readers to quality Christian books. Participation couldn't be easier. Once you've registered for the program, simply link to our store on your blog or personal web site. Each time a total of 50 visitors to your site have clicked on any of your specially-coded links to us, you've earned a $10 Westminster Bookstore gift certificate! (Certificates are redeemable in our store or online.) Create as many links as you like—all click-throughs will be grouped together to contribute to your rewards. There is no limit to how much you can earn!

For full details click here.

So if you frequent this blog, please click on any of the Westminster bookstore links/banners so that I can have some free books. You can also click on any images of books that I review or display in the right side column. The more you click the more free books for me!

Am I absolutely shameless?


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