Tuesday, September 30, 2014

90 Day Language Learning Challenge: Mandarin Chinese - Day 6

I hope this starts getting easier soon!

Seriously, this challenge is going to melt my brain into goo before the year is up.  Pimsleur taught me a few cool things, and I wrote down most of what I learned in this lesson today:

Would you like to eat something
No, but I would like to drink something
Yes, I would like to eat something
I don't understand what you are saying
I don't speak well
Where is Long Peace Street?
Do you know?
No, I don't know.
Not located here
Not located there
Where do you want to go to eat? Ni xiang qu nar chi?
My place (wo nar)
I would like to go to your place to eat.
I also would like that.  (ye)
when? (shenme shihou)
now (xian zai)
When would you like to eat?
later (guo yi hua'er)

There are other things as well, but this was mainly what was taught.  Memrise is a really great tool, but it is probably the most challenging, tedious, and time consuming portion of my study.  My hope is that I will be able to do some more enjoyable things with my learning once I know a little more vocabulary (ie. watch movies, read books, etc.).  Here is my current progress in Memrise thus far:

Check the video below to see me fail miserably at speaking.  Good times.

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