Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Packer on Anglican Realignment

J.I. Packer has written more book recommendations than any one else in the history of the world. Most of us would recognize him as the author of the great book, Knowing God, as well as for his immense influence on modern day evangelicalism. However, his role in the Anglican church has been somewhat of an issue for many people, especially considering the views the Anglican church has taken regarding homosexuality. Below are four video clips that involve an interview with Packer and his response to these views. Each video is a few minutes long, and they are all included in the single YouTube video below. Enjoy!

Taken from
"St John’s Shaughnessy (in Vancouver) produced a DVD for their congregation prior to their vestry vote to join ANiC and the Southern Cone. This DVD features the Rev David Short and Dr J I Packer being interviewed by journalist Susan Marinuk. Now, it has been broken into 10 segments and posted to YouTube.posted 2/27/08"


  1. Amen and amen Mr. Packer

    I don't agree with all the things Packer believes, but this was right on target. Very encouraging.

  2. Thou art in Greely, yes?

    I am a Colorado boy myself, Grand Junction by way of Glade Park.

    Drop by the Lion's Den some time.