Friday, March 7, 2008

Twelve Days of Luther - Day 4

Luther makes his pilgrimage to Rome, but instead of finding the pinnacle of Christianity, he notices that the Church is more interested in money than in God. Thus, Luther begins to doubt and question his decision to give his entire life to the Holy Catholic Church.


  1. Paul,

    As I stated, these sure have been interesting. Partially because of thinking about Luther from these videos you posted and much in part to the on going reformation in my person, I posted something this weekend I hope many can relate to.

    God Bless

    A Lion Has Roared!

  2. S.J.,

    I'm glad that this series has been helpful for you. It is a great joy to know that we are being made new by God through the Spirit. May the glory of God be more evident in our lives as a result. :-)