Thursday, January 10, 2008

John Calvin: Church Planter

One complaint that I hear over and over again about Calvinist's is that they don't see any need for evangelism. The thought must be that because of the Calvinist's disposition towards predestination, there is no reason to share the gospel. God has chosen everyone already so what is the point? I can't help but think that if people actually read Calvin, the controversy over Calvinist doctrines would not be as intense. Unfortuantely, most people who disagree with Calvin have never actually read anything by the man, and all of their frustration comes from an argument that they had with an uneducated "Calvinist" trying to defend himself against an "Arminian" that has never actually read Arminuis. It is a shame really. It reminds me a lot of how the world views Christianity. The world sees a bunch of sinful people calling themselves Christians and therefore for them Christ either didn't exist or his teachings don't hold water. The world judges Christ by how his people act. very sad. Their whole perception of Jesus is then skewed. If only Christians actually read the Bible we might not make Jesus look as bad as we do...

I digress.

Calvin was not opposed to evangelism. He was not opposed to missions. He was definitely not opposed to church planting. I would encourage you to read through this article (link below) written by Frank James of Reforemed Theological Seminary about Calvin's evangelistic efforts. It was quite encouraging and exciting, and it is definitely worth your time if you appreciate historical Christianity in action.


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