Monday, February 18, 2008

Preaching and Teaching Jesus from Scripture (Pt. 1)

For the next five days I wanted to feature Mark Driscoll's 'Preaching and Teaching' Series that was given at the Acts 29 Regional Conference. I haven't watched these videos in a long time, but I remember that they were very thought provoking. If I remember correctly, this was more of an informative teaching about different aspects of preaching/teaching and was fairly unbiased. If you have never heard Mark speak you are definitely in for a treat. Enjoy Part 1 of 5! The title of this message is Current Perspectives on Preaching. (Keep in mind, the video is LONG and may take some time to load.)

If you would like a sermon note summary of this teaching, or if the video does not load correctly, please click here.

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I want to thank Mark for doing these teachings as well as the Resurgence for posting these videos on their site for the benefit of the church.

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